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21 Fun Things to do in Katy
Stay entertained while staying close to home.
Katyites are fortunate to have many fun, and sometimes free, things to do right here close to home. -- more

Happy Campers
Ten great campsites near Katy.
What better way to reconnect with the family than a Texas camping adventure? -- more

The Stars of Katy
Celebrities recognized around the world still maintain local roots in Katy. -- more

Wet and Wild Water Adventures
How Katy families beat the heat.
Backyard pools, swim lessons, water parks, cruises. -- more

Katy Challenger Baseball
America’s favorite pastime now available for all to play. -- more

Katy Domestic Abuse Center
When violence hits close to home, Katy Christian Ministries is there to help. -- more

In Less Than a Minute
One Katy family’s story of the day their son nearly drowned. -- more

School’s Out in Katy!
Katy Education Section, Katy ISD news.
Teachers of the year, graduates, a look back at the school year. -- more

Smoothie Sailing in Katy
Smoothies can be a healthy and refreshing alternative to other summer treats. -- more

Healthy Katy Families
Heart health, water fitness, Katy health bulletins. -- more

Katy Cuties Page
A page filled with the cutest faces in Katy! -- more

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