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Help Create Special Memories with Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Growing up, my family didn’t have too many traditions, especially around the holidays.  I can remember a couple that were special, and they were observed when the funds were available, but my childhood was not full of warm traditions.  Part of the reason was the strict religious beliefs my parents held, and part was my mother’s stand that “things shouldn’t hold value.”

In my adult years, and especially as a parent, I have taken a different approach to creating traditions; one of joyful memories, warm lessons, and delightful keepsakes.  I hope the balance I have found between overcompensating and appreciating traditions is one that blesses my children in their years to come.  Here in Katy, we’ve already started forming new holiday family traditions, weaving in the Texas way of celebrating with our native Hispanic customs.

Here are a few reasons I have found to make and observe traditions in my family:

1. Everyone needs something to look forward to – What a fun reason to continue or create new traditions for the family; to have something great to look forward to.  We get very few true holidays during the year, why not make them memorable and full of rich rewards.  We all need a little joy in our lives, and the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate our blessings and each other.

2. Keeps the focus off the busyness of the season and on the rewards instead – The holidays can get hectic, hairy and no fun real fast in our society; a good idea is keeping first things first.  Family, friends and fellowship are always first.  These are the times to reflect on our blessings and let the little things go.  Time is the greatest gift in our lives, and our children spell our love as T-I-M-E, not M-O-N-E-Y.

3. Builds bonds, memories and life journeys – Our families will not look back and remember what they were given as gifts during the holidays, they will remember the precious moments and experiences they were given during these most valuable times.  They will place value on what they see and are taught value is in, and the lasting value of family time in a warm, loving atmosphere is priceless.

4. Creates an appreciation for the blessings in our lives – Celebrating special events like the holidays with family traditions will develop a new sense of appreciation in our families.  They will come away from the celebration with a new appreciation for not only the traditions, but also refreshed for “normal” life again.  After well-spent time with loved ones, our family will be ready to get back to the routine with a fresh take on their gifts of time and relationships.

Specific traditions around the holidays are a priceless gift to give your family, and will create a new sense of belonging in your family members.  They will reminisce about the things you did together, dishes they ate, and funny stories they enjoyed for years to come.

What are your family traditions around the holidays?  Do you find tradition to be important in your Katy household?  Do you celebrate the same way as you did growing up, or have you found new traditions for your family?

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