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Testimonials from Katy Magazine Advertisers

“Thank you! We love everything y’all do. Appreciate the help in growing our business.” – Chef Eric Aldis, Agave Rio

“Streamsong Living and Katy Magazine is the perfect fit.” – Nancy Provenzano, Streamsong Apartments

“We have been advertising with Katy Magazine for 13 years. They have such an awesome team in place and the magazine is top notch! Love them and all they stand for here in Katy, Texas!” – Sonia Traugott, Sunset Pools

“I have advertised with Katy Magazine for years, a truly professional company and I’m proud to be part of it.” – Cheryl Sage, British Private Prep Schools

“The tweets and personal attention are my favorite part of being an advertiser.” – Kathleen Connolly, Connolly Dance Arts

“It’s good to know our money is invested in the right publication.” – Connie O., Solis Mammography

“Partnering with Katy Magazine has been the greatest decision we’ve made in a while.” – Amanda, Agave Rio

“The ad has been doing great for us.” – Shaun L., Maid Right of Sugar Land

“Our second patient of our new practice found out about us through Katy Magazine – many thanks!”- J.B. Stephenson, The Hand & Plastic Surgery Center of Katy

“I am very happy with how our ad looks with special emphasis on the testimonial! We’ll run this one for a while!” – Jason  B., ER Katy

“As a new business owner, the fears of failure were well engraved in my mind by every person I come across. I questioned every decision, but had to continue moving forward. Hindsight being 20/20, I made the best marketing decision with Katy Magazine.  You helped my business spark into existence.  It didn’t slowly come to be or take 7 days like creation, it was being prepared before we even opened our doors and it continues as we continue to grow. Thank you for seeing our business for the little gem that it was (and helping others see it too)!”
– David B., Circle B Veterinary Hospital

“Katy Magazine has been a huge help to our business since we signed on. Seriously, give them a call, you will not regret it.”
– Richard D., Katy Budget Books

“Purchasing an ad with Katy Magazine was a big decision. We are amazed by how much Katy Magazine goes beyond our expectations to promote our business. From Facebook to Biz Chat, etc. The quick response to emails, reasonable rates, and beautiful ad design are second to none as well.”
– Matthew F.

Katy Magazine’s ad has worked for us. We are getting a lot of new patient calls that have seen our ad in the magazine.”
– Mari M.

“After stopping my advertising the past couple of years due to a relocation of my business I resumed my campaign because Katy Magazine is such a visible force in the community.  Katy Magazine reaches a huge audience and their exposure is incredible. I would also like to give thanks to Matt and Katrina for their expertise in marketing my business and their continuous loyalty to my success as well.”
– Kellie M.

“This by far, is the best ad that anyone has done. This, to me, would be something you might find in a portfolio of a graphic artist. It addresses everything. It’s eye-catching, not cluttered and to the point and touches every area of importance.”
– Bob G.

“Since we signed up and placed an ad in Katy Magazine, we’ve had a very nice customer response. Your website’s ability to link to our own website has been especially beneficial. Thanks to your magazine, we’ve been able to increase individual appointments as well as multi-party appointments that have customers leaving happy and satisfied with our service. We will continue to advertise in your magazine. It is certainly worth it!”
– Karen A.

“We ask our patients how they heard about us and 1/3 say they found us in Katy Magazine. New patients call us the entire three months when the new magazine comes out. Overall, we get calls every month of the year.”
– Dana V.

Katy Magazine has been a great referral source for us. Both our print ad and online listing have brought us many wonderful patients.”
– Stacey G.

“I have received Katy Magazine and I’m very pleased with my ads. I want to thank you and your staff for doing such a terrific job.”
– Marsha M.

Katy Magazine website has referred many customers to our site and store. Customers often tell us they’ve seen our ad in the magazine and that’s why we’ll continue to advertise in Katy Magazine.”
– Don B.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with our new ad. We have enjoyed working with all your staff. What a great group of professionals! We look forward to a long, happy relationship.”

– Bridget T.

“We absolutely love our ad and have received two new clients within a month of the new issue circulating.”
– Susan M.

“The response from my ad has been nothing short of awesome. In my six years of yellow pages and coupon type of advertising, I have seen an exponential increase in the amount of patients. Thank you, Katy Magazine!”
– Bill S.

Katy Magazine is my #1 resource for all my new business! My print and online ads have exceeded my expectations!”
– Steve S.

“What an excellent magazine all around! Our business has benefited from the ad we placed with Katy Magazine.  Keep up the good work!”
– Dave F.

“Our ad and the whole book looks great! We are proud to be a part of it.  It is also very informative.  Thanks!!”
– Becky D.

“Thank you for being so friendly and promptly answering my email. Great customer service!” – Janet

“I want all my ads running in every magazine, every time. It is too valuable for me to not be in your publication!”
– Layne S., Circle Lake Ranch

“Our ad looks amazing. John and I are so happy with the design, you really captured the look that we desired on the first try great job. Thank you guys so much we are super excited.”
– Lina Z., Mercy Plumbing

“The level of professionalism and your care and concern for your customers goes above and beyond. I am so grateful for the partnership we have. Thank you so much!”
– Mariam, Bridgepoint Bible Church

“The Katy Magazine team takes ‘marketing partnership’ to an unparalleled level. This is not a case where a handful of sales people engage with you to get you in, and then disappear until renewal time. With Katy Magazine, it is quite different. And it is not just one account manager that assists with your marketing. The whole Katy Magazine team enthusiastically promotes my brand with what seems to be 10 to 15 friendly, caring, responsive, always-engaging, skilled marketing specialists. They have been working for me almost daily on a multitude of marketing fronts. In addition to always ensuring print ads look right every time, the Katy Magazine team has consistently spoken up my brand on social media, at a full array of Katy events and on their own web page.  They promote you wherever they go. I can’t say enough about how pleased I have been with the entire Katy Magazine team. For the past 18 months we have had countless outstanding customer experiences with Katy Magazine and we look forward to continuing our true marketing partnership into the future!”
– Dr. Jason B., ER Katy

“The ad looks fantastic! We are thrilled and ready to see it in the next issue. Thank you and your team for all your hard work! We are so pleased with Katy Magazine’s customer service.”
– Rudy, Gossip Boutique Spa

“These ladies know how to construct an award-winning publication, and how to have a good time doing it! Thanks so much for helping increase our visibility.”
–  Richard, Katy Budget Books

“As a customer of Katy Magazine, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the services you and your team provide.  I am convinced that you and your team have much to offer to the small business person with a sense of urgency about how to let the world know about the services they offer.

First of all, I have no need to ever use anybody else for the online service you provide when I’m announcing job openings.  Every single one of the jobs we posted received an enormous response, allowing us to quickly fill the needs we have.  You obviously have great coverage because I’m not exaggerating when I state that there is no need to spend extra money announcing jobs in any other manner.

For a business person arriving at Katy for the first time, I obviously got approached by many different advertisers.  They all have their ‘take’ on how good they are.  All I have going for me is trust that the person I’m dealing with is legitimate and that my business will indeed be marketed properly.  No matter how good a marketing plan we may have, the initial stabs at marketing are just that: stabs in the dark hoping for something to work.

You and your team do something that is vitally important to the new business person: you make them feel at ease quickly about the investment they chose to make with you.  The manner in which you drum up social media excitement is like nothing I have ever seen before. We quickly increased our “likes” on Facebook thanks to your intervention.  Although my ads are only seen quarterly, that is best ‘bang for the buck’ ad I’ve ever placed because I receive at least 3-5 calls per week with people specifically letting me know that they heard about us through Katy Magazine.”
–  Jose M., Camp Bow Wow


Testimonials from Katy Employers & Businesses

“A huge thank you to the entire staff at Katy Magazine for helping to support my mission at Be Unique. The likes, shares, and comments have been awesome!” – Wendy Severance, Be Unique

“Katy Magazine has awesome people and great content!” – Nancy Hyde, Elyson by Newland Communities

“In just 24 hours I have already received 64 resumes… WOW… Please remove my ad I think I have a handful of great candidates. Keep up the good work and thank you so so much.”
– Fermin C.

“Thank you for the job post as we have had a favorable response and the position is filled.”  – David R., Whitsett Vision Group

“Thanks for doing such an excellent job!” – Safari Kids Learning Center

“Your [job] ad really brought lots of candidates to us!” – Suzan Abrams, Lowe’s

“Proud to be a part of your publication and the Katy community!” – Spicy Isle Caribbean Kitchen

“Wow, you all really do a great job getting people excited on social media! Keep up the good work!” – Jose M., Camp Bow Wow

“We found our sweet part-time front desk assistant by posting an ad [on the Jobs Page]!” – Gabriela M., Clay Dental

“Thank you so much for the job posts! We found someone thanks to Katy Magazine!” – Teresa R.

“Thank you so much for your always-spot-on, up-to-the-minute support of us and our events.” – Jason B., ER Katy

Katy Magazine is great! Our parents are constantly asking for more copies for friends, grandparents, etc. Everyone is very proud of a magazine targeted directly to the interests and needs of families in the Katy area. I think the magazine is helping to create a great sense of community.”  – Jill B.

“We always get great responses from you! In fact, we hired our evening receptionist as a result of your job posting! So thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Michelle M.

“We had an AMAZING response to the job posting, and will be filling the position on Thursday. Thank you!” – Brandi C.

“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for expediting the ad I placed on your magazine’s website for the M.A. position. I received many resumes immediately and have offered the position to one of the candidates. Kudos to your magazine!  Your number and email address have a permanent place in my rolodex!” – Carole M.

“Thank you for all your help. Our job postings for Krause Children’s Center were a huge success and we have been able to fill the positions. Thank you so much Katy Magazine.” – Jackie F.

“The postings on the jobs page are going fantastic; I have been receiving applications non-stop.”  – Carol B., Tradition Bank

“We have hired our marketing person so we will need the ad taken off. Thank you for putting it online. We got some really good candidates!” – Mary E.


Testimonials from Katy Magazine Readers

“Thank you everyone at Katy Magazine for the tremendous amount of tireless energy you spend providing such a first-class publication. The magazine is definitely a major resource for this area experiencing such a quality community.” – Bob Bryant, Fine Arts Solutions of Texas, LLC

“Your magazine has been such an important part of our community. Katy Magazine captures the vibrant, exciting culture that results in each campus.”
– Peter McElwain, Katy ISD Architect and Planner

“I appreciate you for all the work you do for the entire Katy area. You are a first-class business that truly provides economic development and an appreciation for the work of others.”
– Kay Callender, Keep Katy Beautiful

“It is truly an honor to going from reading Katy Magazine as a teenager to being featured as a teacher. Thank you for the service to our community and for celebrating me and my kids. Your support means the world to me!” – Aislinn Herrera, Morton Ranch High School

“You are outstanding! Thank you so much for letting us post with you. On behalf of all the cheer moms and cheerleaders at Tompkins, you are our hero!” – Angel B.

“I love your magazine.  It covers so many topics and keeps Katy residents informed.” – Wanda Cobb, Angel Gowns by Diane

“My family and I just moved here and I picked up a copy at Panda Express. I LOVE IT! This magazine will sit on my coffee table for my reference and when out of town guests visit! It is a well done magazine – excellent visual appeal, interesting local stories, and useful information. There is good balance in content to ad ratio. Also, thanks to all the businesses who advertised – doctors, child care centers, restaurants – several of you will be seeing me soon.”
– Kristy S.

“I LOVE Katy Magazine and the people that work there! Ya’ll do wonders for our community!!! Keep up the good work.”
– Stacy P.

“Wow, you guys rock! It was great working with your team.” – Maria

“I received my Katy Magazine in the mail today for the very first time. I normally throw out all the junk mail and search for my important mail, but for some reason this time was different. I sat down at my kitchen table and strolled through the entire magazine. I admire the quality and style of this magazine. Once I finished glancing through, I went back to the editor’s note page and began to read. Katrina, your story is similar to mine and it held my attention until the very end. Your story has really inspired me this evening, and I wanted to personally take the time to wish you and Katy Magazine all the success!”
–Natalie H.

“Thank you for having the scouting page and the positive stories. Good job. Good variety.” – Mike

“As a Katy Magazine reader, I enjoy reading every issue. It’s a wonderful magazine, for it tells you what is happening to people around you.”
– Lucy N

“I love reading about my friends and neighbors in Katy Magazine! Y’all are awesome!”
– Erica R.

“I would like to congratulate you on the amazing job you and your staff continue doing issue after issue during these past 10 years. Keep up the hard work, we sure love and appreciate it very much!”
– Matthew and Michelle G.

“We moved to Katy last November, and I love your magazine for finding great resources for everything here. I have kept every copy since then. Thanks, and keep up the great publication!”
– Sandi P.

“Great hometown magazine.”
– Bob R.

“As a family we love the ambiance the magazine gives. With great pictures and fun information; it is always picked up for us to enjoy. It is overflowing with activities for the summer and packed high with great ideas to enjoy with your children. The only ideas we have is keep up the good work and maybe toss in some more reviews for restaurants that are “kid friendly” that seemed to help out. Keep Katy smiling!”
– Melissa O.

“You guys always have such great stuff in your magazine. I love to see all the cute kid photos.”
– Kristi B.

“Very informative. We enjoy reading it.”
– Carol B.

“What a lovely magazine! So polished. Our favorite restaurant was in there too…”
– Jim C.

“It truly is a beautiful magazine and the online directory/info available is very helpful.”
– Diana B.

“I love your magazine. I’ve learned things about Katy I didn’t know before.”
– Stephanie T.

“I love your magazine; they always have great information regarding kids’ activities and more…thank you for all you do.”
– Moentje S.

“I am a long time resident of Katy and avid reader of Katy Magazine. Thanks for all the great stuff that you provide the Katy residents.  Keep up the great work!”
– Devon

“Thanks for all you do to promote and improve our community!”
– Gary L.

“Your 10th anniversary issue looks terrific – a true keeper. Looking forward to reading your 15, 20, 25th anniversary issues.”
– Ruben G.

“Thanks for having such an amazing magazine that serves our community!”
– Tina H.

“Thank you for the great feature! We love Katy Magazine!”
– Kailey T.

“Mary and I are enjoying the limelight as friends continue to recognize us in Katy Magazine.  It is something we never really expected, but it has been a wonderful experience.  We were very pleased with the content and layout of the article. We hope to one day see you at a tailgate as you are always welcome.  Thank you to you and the decision makers that made this opportunity possible.”
– Al G.

Comments From Magazine Industry Judges

AFCP Awards Ceremony Louisville, KY 2017 – Katy Magazine Wins General Excellence

First Place – Community Service – Graphics
“A great message – encouraging their readers to help others in honor of a wonderful man.”

First Place – Special In-Paper Promotion Or Special Section -Separate Section
“Awesome stand-alone guide -organized well and designed with the reader in mind!”

AFCP Awards Ceremony Savannah, GA 2014 – Katy Magazine Wins Best of Show

First Place – Andrew E. Shapiro Award – Cancer Awareness
“Touching features, guides and essential health awareness for everyone. Katy Magazine makes a big impact in print, social and digital markets!”

First Place – General Excellence
“Cover to Cover-Exceptional features from advertising to community involvement. Beautifully printed!”

First Place – Best Original Editorial Photography Used in a Feature Article
“A bright, eye-catching photo to draw you in! Not to mention cute as well!”


AFCP Awards Ceremony Orlando, FL 2013 – Katy Magazine Wins Best of Show

First Place – General Excellence
“Out of several top notch entries, Katy Magazine covers it all! Page count, design and excellent local content – 188 pages of WOW!!”

First Place – Overall Community Service
“Katy provided a personal connection to their readers and community by providing a comprehensive and engaging, consistent manner in which to connect and serve readers and the community.”

First Place – Best Cover Design
“Nice touch with the stitching & rivets. Fits the banner and cover well.”

First Place – Rate Card
“Very well organized. The presentation of the piece immediately creates an impression of a high quality product.”