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A Katy Family Makes Summer Desserts  Fun

Watermelon Basket

This May, we decided to make a summery dessert each week to celebrate the season. I wanted to keep the desserts healthy and fun, and so week one we made a pudding ocean scene <http://www.katymagazine.com/summer-dessert-fun/ >.  This week, my daughter got very excited about watermelon carving, and so our dessert of the week was a watermelon basket with fruit salad. If she knows that watermelon and fruit salad aren’t exactly desserts… she’s not complaining!

This was one of those family projects that seemed to go wrong at every turn.
Luckily, our daughters didn’t seem to care and we were able to pull it
together in the end.

First, I bought the watermelon and all the fruit early last week and
promised my daughter the watermelon basket “this week”. Then our week got unusually busy (the last week of school and extra evening meetings for my husband and I), so our watermelon carving kept getting pushed back.

Last night, we were determined to carve the watermelon. I helped my
daughter find a few examples online <http://www.watermelon.org/watermelon_carving.asp >of what she
wanted to carve, I cut up the other fruits, and when my husband got home, we were all ready to go. Except no one could find the watermelon.  It wasn’t in the fridge, it wasn’t in the pantry, it wasn’t in my car. We assumed I must’ve forgotten to load it from the grocery store early last week and so we told the girls that watermelon carving would be the very first thing on our list of things to do in the morning (thinking one of us would be rushing out to the store after bed).

Once the girls were in bed, we found the watermelon. In our ice chest. In
the garage. It looked fine to us, so we put it aside to wait for the official watermelon carving this morning.

After breakfast, as we began to carve, we noticed a few… let’s call them
“extra ripe” sections of the watermelon. Which made for a bit of a
challenge carving the basket with a heart that my daughter had chosen.

A few toothpicks later, we had a watermelon basket with fruit salad for
“dessert” and two very happy children.

I love this project idea and know that the next go-round will be much
smoother. Maybe we’ll make it again soon.

What about you? Have you carved watermelons before? How did it go? Post a comment below!

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