A Katy mother-to-be starts saving before the arrival of baby 

I use to be one of those people that despised having extra cards in my wallet. However, expecting a baby quickly changes you! Now that I’m 6 months pregnant I’m quickly becoming a collector of coupons and reward cards as a way to save money.

At the local Katy Babies R Us my rewards card helps me earn points towards savings and alerts me via email on great coupon specials. Thanks to paying attention to such coupons my husband and I were able to save 20% on our crib. This was a significant savings and with a baby on the way every little bit helps.

Also, with my Babies R Us rewards card I can save money when buying diapers and formula. I’ve recently discovered how expensive those much needed and everyday items can be so learning ways to save money in this area is a huge comfort.

I’m also finding other ways to save money in our everyday lives. Even if it isn’t directly related to our baby savings is savings. I have a membership card with Barnes and Noble. As an avid reader this is a simple way for me to find some savings. We also now have a Randalls card, Best Buy, and Petsmart rewards card. And I have found that my original hesitation to such reward cards is unwarranted. I don’t like to weigh down my wallet but all of our reward cards are linked to our phone number so I can give that to the teller and I don’t have to have the card.

When I first thought about covering this trending topic I posted the question, “Do you like to use reward cards?” on Facebook. I quickly got responses from many friends on their opinions. I did find it interesting on how my single friends without families of their own were against reward cards for the very reason that I once was, the hassle and extra bulk to my wallet. Then my friends that are married with children or a baby on the way were all for the reward cards. Maybe this is just another life change that comes with a growing family.

Whatever your belief is on reward cards it is a easy and wonderful way to save money on not just baby products but also normal items that your family typically purchases. Also, it does open you up to great coupon opportunities that I’ve found are easy to follow to great saving opportunities. Have you come across a great baby saving find such as a coupon source or a store program? If so please share your experience below in a comment.

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