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Five simple ways to mark the change of seasons

I know it’s still in the 90’s here in Katy, so it doesn’t feel like fall at all. Even though I am a realist, I am also an impossible romantic when it comes to this season. ‘Autumnal is one of my favorite words. Apple cider and wagon rides fill my imagination. My son is learning about our senses and each season definitely has its own smells, sounds, and tastes, so I will focus this post on some family activities based upon our senses.

We don’t really get to enjoy fall colors in our area, and with the drought and fires, even east Texas may be hurting for fall foliage this year. If you want changing trees, you have to get creative. Easy leaf templates can be found online. Print some out on orange, yellow, and red construction paper. Talk with your children about kinds of leaves and the trees they come from. Which state has the largest tree population? What kind of trees does Texas have? Use your leaf cut-outs as decorations for your table or write the names of people you want to remember to be thankful for during this season.

This is an easy and fun sense to celebrate. The fall is made for apples, pears, dates, and kale (yes, for the healthier bunch!). Head over to Katy Budget Books for a cookbook and have some fun with your family concocting some delicious smells. Make 2011 the year to experiment with different recipes. Besides food, I smelled (before I saw) some of those cinnamon brooms that are around stores. Even though it’s 98 degrees today doesn’t mean you can’t smell autumnal!

This goes along with smelling, of course, but also you can take it a step further and invite some people who really need cheering up. This season is centered around family meals. If you know of a co-worker, a neighbor, or a teacher who is alone right now, invite them over for a day of baking or for cider and football. Adult friends can savor fall wines and enjoy food and wine pairings.

Don’t you hear the sound of the fall leaves crunching and the cool winds blowing? No? How about hearing the sounds of fall at the Katy Rice Harvest Festival or the various bazaars around our community? Bingo games, auctions, music, the sound of pumpkins growing…perfect!


As I said before, this season is one of family and friends. Make it a point to reach out to those who may hate this season. Those who have lost a loved one or whose financial circumstances prevent celebrations are especially in need of compassion – and not just on Thanksgiving Day. Letting others know we care is a lesson we should pass on to our children. The more they see us doing it, the more likely they will grow up into caring, sensitive, and helping adults.

What did I miss? How can you be creative this wonderful season? Let us know!

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