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Katy, TX – December 27, 2016 All are welcome to try the facilities at any YMCA in the Greater Houston area!

At the Y, they can help you design a wellness routine that promotes positive improvements in your health and wellness. Become a part of something that nourishes the soul, strengthens your muscles, and keeps you motivated.

Members say that they feel like part of a family at the Y, and that sense of support keeps them motivated, holds them accountable and helps them attain their goals without giving up. From the greeter at the front desk who knows your name, to fellow exercisers in the locker room who make sure you won’t miss a workout, to a friend on the treadmill keeping you company as you burn calories, the Y is a place that makes working out fun.

What’s more, research from the Journal of Preventative Medicine and the Journal of Behavioral Medicine suggests that a support system helps people better adhere to their workout goals.

This is a one-day event on January 7th, and you are not going to want to miss it!

Courtesy of YMCA of Greater Houston
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