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On January 15, 2013, Chris Mohindroo became the 50th Troop 584 member to earn his Eagle Scout Rank.

Earning Eagle Scout Rank is an extraordinary accomplishment, since the requirements are demanding, and only 5% of Scouts reach that level. The fact that 50 young men from Troop 584 have done so is a testament to the strength of character of the dedicated men and women who lead and volunteer, and to the persistence and perseverance of the parents and young men in this troop.

The requirements for Eagle Scout are designed to prepare a young man to succeed in life and to know what to do in an emergency. A heavy emphasis is placed on serving God and country, and on community service. Troop 584 has provided help with July 4th activities, charity fun runs, numerous church and religious events, KISD activities, KVPAC and other nonprofit events, disaster relief efforts, ramps for homes for the elderly and handicapped, collections for animal shelters, and numerous ecology studies.

Chris Mohindroo is a Junior at Taylor High School and is a member of Kingsland Baptist Church. He is the son of Raj and Jolene Mohindroo. His Eagle project involved planting trees at Willow River Farms, which is a home for handicapped adults. In addition to the troops original Scoutmaster, Mr. Layne Scholl, the troops current Scoutmaster Mr. Mike McKenna, and his Cub Scout leader, Mr. Mark Ridgaway, Chris wishes to thank his rank advancement leaders, Steve Slezak, Robert Daniels, Brackin Smith, Jack Hazel, Bruce and Marie Miglin, his Eagle Scoutmaster Conference members Forrest Bjerkaas, Zan May and Eric Stankus, and the numerous Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members and volunteers that helped him complete his journey to Eagle Scout. Chris plans to continue to lead in his troop and to serve God and his country throughout his life.

Chris Mohindroo 50th Troop 584 Eagle Scout
He is pictured (front, center) with the members of his Eagle Board of Review (back), Neva Leszczynski, Denise Narum, Paul King, David Bartine, and Ann Ewell.

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