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There are many different fitness options in Katy, how do you choose?

Many people often wonder what are the best ways to get in better physical condition. I am one of those people and with some research I have found  3 methods of training that seem to work fairly well and they are –

3. High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)- This training system offers great balance between scientific theory and intense physical effort.The theory for this paricular system is intense short busrt of effort and muscular tension whether it be with cardiovascular training or weight training followed by longer but effective rest periods. The other method is a complete contradiction of the previous idea, but just as effective.This method involves long, strenuous and intense muscular movements followed by shorter resting periods. While the second method is intended more for athletes or weight lifters with intermediate to advanced levels of fitness, both are effective and with proper technique and form mastering both routines will come easily.

2. Circuit Training- My personal favorite training system and a good one at that. This is a training system consists of  short periods of exercise on multiple movements in secession with minimal to no rest for multiple sets. This is best for athletes looking to improve muscular endurance as well as individuals looking to push themselves past any exercise plateau.

1. Body Specific Target Training (B.S.T.T)- Though I mentioned that circuit training is my personal favorite training system, it is not the best in my opinion. Body Specific Target Training may be the slowest training system of the three mentioned, but in terms of the results gained  it may be the most effective.The idea is to train one specific muscle group for multiple repititions and multiple sets for an extended period of time with extended rests. The theory behind this idea is that the continuous extention and contraction of the muscle will cause extrenuous stress upon the muscle and with a stable and consistant resting period( between sets and after exercise) the muscles will begin to repair themselves and adapt to the movements i.e. stronger muscles, strength and endurance.

Though I based this writing on athletic and strength training, the systems can be used in other facets of exercise such as cardio, endurance, flexibility ect. Leave a comment letting me know if you have a favorite method of exercise.  Leave me a comment if you would like a blog on sample routines or more specific definitions of any training routines.

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