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Going to a dental office on a regular basis is a crucial aspect of your child’s oral care. While you, as your child’s parent, know this, the very thought of taking your autistic son or daughter to the dentist can fill you with concern. Many people often feel apprehensive when they go to the dentist, but autistic children can experience sensory overload that can trigger tantrums. Fortunately, there are ways that a family dentist can help make autistic children feel more at ease when they come to the office.


At Kingsland Dental Group, they know how uncomfortable going to the dentist can be for autistic children. They’ve made accommodations, so these children can get the oral care they need in a soothing and calming environment.

Banish Bright Lights
There are typically many bright lights in any dental office. These include not only the lights overhead but also the headlamp that the dentist uses. While most people might find them a bit glaring and annoying, an autistic child might start feeling overwhelmed by their presence. Kingsland Dental Group starts by turning off the overhead lights, and they use the headlamp only to peer inside your child’s mouth. If possible, they avoid using the headlamp, as well.

Counteract Loud Noises
Suction hoses and air or water syringes can make loud noises that can cause highly sensitive autistic children to startle and become distraught. Their soothing music and engaging, slow-moving visual images played on the ceiling can help distract and calm your child.

Provide Security in a Fun Way
It is important that your child remain still in the dental chair during the visit, so they use a seat cover that has a fun design. In addition to keeping your child secure, it also provides a calming, deep-pressure hug.

Whether your child needs to be seen for a general check-up or you want to learn more about teeth whitening, Kingsland Dental Group strives to accommodate the dentistry needs of all their patients. They work hard to make each visit to their office as positive as possible.

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