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Courtesy of Camp Bow Wow – Pet ownership has proven mental and physical health benefits for humans, including reduced stress, anxiety and loneliness, and increased exercise and social interaction. Our pets are doing many great things for us so it’s important to return the favor and make sure we are doing what we can to keep them happy and healthy. Read on for some important pet care tips.

1. Evaluate your pet’s poundage. Over half of all pets are overweight which contributes to numerous health problems and can shorten your furry friend’s lifespan. Work with your vet to create a weight loss plan if your pet is overweight.

2. Make preventative care a priority. Visit your vet for annual check-ups to stay updated on any relevant health issues and stay current with vaccinations.

3. Read the labels. Many dog foods contain sugar and other ingredients that cause health problems. Your vet can help you determine the food that will best fit your pet’s needs. And be sure to follow the food bag’s feeding instructions so you don’t over-feed your pet.

4. Don’t fur-get to brush. Our pets need oral hygiene just like we do, and plaque and tartar build-up can lead to serious health issues. Start preventative care early by brushing teeth and giving them rubber toys to chew on, and opt for professional cleaning when the vet says it’s time.

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