Searching for good bluebonnet photo locations in and around Katy

Avery, 2 1/2 years, and Katie Beth, 6 months, at their blue bonnet photo shoot last year.

We took a road trip to Austin last weekend.  It was a quick trip with very little time to stop and smell the roses (or to stop and take photos with the bluebonnets).  But while we were driving, I made it my personal mission to scout bluebonnet spots along I10.

I was surprised to see many, many Indian Paintbrushes but very few patches of bluebonnets.  They were out along the side of the road, but not in any real numbers.  It wasn’t until 2 hours outside of Katy on I10 that I started noticing fields of bluebonnets and cars pulled over to take pictures. 

I love taking annual pictures in the bluebonnets with my children.  But a 2 hour trip seems a bit excessive just to snap a few shots.

Two years ago, we loaded my then 19 month old daughter into the car and drove up and down roads for about an hour before giving up and heading back for home.  That year, we captured no bluebonnet shots.  Just an adorable little girl in the grass.

Last year we had much better luck.  Twice we stumbled upon amazing bluebonnets – as far as the eye could see.  We snapped some of my favorite photos of my girls (now two of them!) and enjoyed a picnic dinner in the spring sun.

This year, I haven’t yet tried our other two lucky spots from last year: 290 on the way to Brenham and a few hot spots in Fulshear, just off of 1093.  Our plan is to load the girls up on Saturday and try out these two locations.  It’d be wonderful to find some bluebonnets close to home.  I have a feeling that if it comes down to a two hour trip out to Austin for pictures or skipping the shots, we’ll end up skipping the shots.  My girls’ patience only lasts so long.

I’m also curious if the excess of Indian Paintbrushes and lack of bluebonnets has something to do with the long winter.  It will be interesting to see if the Indian Paintbrushes are more numerous than the bluebonnets in our favorite spots as well.  I’ll have to make sure to dress the girls in something that will look good with blue or red flowers.

Does anyone have a sure fire spot that they’ve visited this year?  How were the bluebonnets?  Were there many Indian Paintbrushes?

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