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Spreading Love to the Katy Community

As a child, I enjoyed tossing rocks into the water and watching the ripples that emerged from the displacement of water.  I marveled at the widespread impact of a small pebble.  Small ripples became larger ripples that spread further and further away from the center.  I have often imagined that we, like pebbles, can have a significant impact on those around us.  The pebble analogy has been a reminder of the impact of my words and actions on others.  

This past weekend, while attending a seminar, I learned additional information about water ripples.  The ripples of water that come back to the pebble are much stronger than the ripples that go out.  If our lives are indeed like a pebble in water, that which we emit will eventually come back to us with added strength.  As I sat pondering this scientific property, I was sobered by the thought of it.  What had I emitted to others?  Was I spreading happiness, positive emotion and goodwill, or was I spreading ill-will and negativity? 

The quote, “What goes around comes around”, it seems, is a true physical property!  The more we emit kindness, truth, and happiness, the more we will receive it. Conversely, the more we gossip, express negative emotion and treat others unkindly, the more others will treat us this way.  Our daily words and actions definitely impact those around us- particularly the members of our family. I often feel that as a mother, I can set the tone in the home.  It is no wonder that on the days when I am stressed or short tempered, others seem to be stressed and short to me!  A smile, a kind word, an empathetic ear and a positive attitude are all examples of positive ripples. Emotion is truly infectious…may we share it wisely!

How has someone positively impacted you?  Please share.

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