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Katy, TX (February 9, 2016) During the month of February, it’s not uncommon for hearts to emerge as a recurring theme. This time of year is known as a time for sharing love and happiness with those around you and making sure everyone understands the importance of a healthy heart. The Orchard Assisted Living & Memory Care community in Katy (24802 Kingsland Blvd) is doing its part to raise awareness by partnering with the American Heart Association for a free lunch-and-learn on February 24 at 12:30-2:00 p.m. that will focus on health factors and lifestyle behaviors that best support heart health. The lunch-and-learn is open to the public and will feature a discussion with speaker Morton Fefer, called “The Seven Health Factors and Lifestyle Behaviors That Support Heart Health”. Fefer will discuss information regarding heart disease, risk factors such as smoking and drinking, as well as activities that promote good health. The presentation will conclude with a CPR demonstration and information on what to do in the event of an emergency. The Orchard specializes in person-centered care, and is excited to help share this critical information with the local community to help them live with the healthiest hearts possible.

Morton Fefer

“Millions of Americans suffer from heart disease, stroke or other cardiovascular conditions every day; it is a disease that affects us all,” said James Stroud, president of The Orchard Assisted Living & Memory Care in Katy. “For many of our residents, heart disease is a part of their family or personal history, and thanks to advancements in treatment and awareness, they have been able to live a healthy and active lifestyle that was once impossible. At The Orchard we want to do our part, and by teaming up with the American Heart Association, we can continue a movement of awareness that will help prevent heart disease and change lives.”

For resident Carolyn Smith, good heart health and an active lifestyle have been a part of daily life since her own heart attack. Smith survived a heart attack in her 40s after years of not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By making the decision to quit smoking and watch what she eats, Smith has been able to change her health for the better. Living at The Orchard has enhanced that positive lifestyle as well, with access to daily fitness classes and freshly prepared, healthy meal options. Smith has the support and environment for her to live an active lifestyle that supports heart health. As a result of the community’s person-centered care, residents like Smith are able to access tools specific to her needs, enabling her to live as fully as possible.

“Before I had my heart attack, I had never received any preventative testing or information from my doctor,” said Smith. “At that time, everyone thought women didn’t have heart attacks, and it wasn’t until I had an EKG in the emergency room that the connection was made. Thankfully, now everyone knows women are just as susceptible to heart attacks as men. Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women in the United States, and by having events such as this lunch-and-learn, the word is further spread about the disease and how it can be prevented. I encourage the public to come out to this event, because knowledge is power, and it can truly make a difference in their lives.”

“The Seven Health Factors and Lifestyle Behaviors that Support Heart Health” lunch-and-learn will take place at The Orchard Assisted Living & Memory Care on February 24 at 12:30-2:00 p.m. Members of the public who would like to attend need to RSVP in advance by calling (281) 371-3000.

Courtesy of The Orchard