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Finding Ways to Get in Exercise, Despite the Summer Temperatures

As I write this it’s nearing 8 p.m., and it feels as if the temperature is still in the 80’s. So much for my goal to get outdoors and exercise more. To beat the heat, I either have to go outside when it’s still dark or brave the high temperature after the children are in bed. Common sense tells me that both choices are unwise.

I try to be creative, and no doubt you’ve see some of these ideas before. But here are five of my favorite indoor exercise ideas.

  1. Dance. Unless you live on the second floor of an apartment, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your downstairs neighbors. Choose your own tunes, or just put on one of the music stations on cable. My favorite is the 80s channel. Turn up the music, dance around the house. Before you start, tell yourself that you will dance for a certain number of songs. Knowing there is an end in sight helps me stay motivated. Your kids will love to join you, which is an added bonus.
  2. Walk in place during your favorite show. Most people DVR their shows these days to avoid commercials, but if you choose this one, you have to suffer through the commercials, literally! Walk in place or on the treadmill or even jump on a mini-trampoline during the show. Then, when the commercials come on, do sit ups or push-ups or some other kind of exercise.
  3. Have a scavenger hunt. If you have younger children, this is a very fun way to get some exercise. Hide their stuffed animals, cars, or dinosaurs–whatever toys they like to play with–all over the house. As they try to find the items, you join the fun and get active. If they run to the next room, you do, too.
  4. If you are brave, you can always host an exercise party at your house. All you need is one motivated friend, but if you have more, it’ll be even more fun. Alternate houses where you can all meet and pop in a video to exercise with. Then, end with a healthy smoothie or meal, depending on the time of day. When you see a friend sweat and really work toward a goal, it does motivate you to try hard, too. Inspiration!
  5. Get a few exercise routines out of some fitness magazines or off the Internet. Mix and match the routines so you’re never doing the same one. If you find five different routines, choose two exercises from each one. Then add some cardio. The next workout, change up the choices and do a different type of cardio. If you’re bored, you’ll never stick with any program. This idea gets you doing something new each time.

No, I’m not a personal trainer, and of course, everyone should get a doctor to clear them for exercise before working out–especially in this savage heat we’re currently in. But after you get the go-ahead, try some of these ideas.

Let me know how you like them and how you stay moving in triple digits!

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