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My four year old daughter loves dancing.  She is in a dance class, watches So You Think You Can Dance every season, and generally believes all dancers are princesses. 

So, the Cinco Ranch High School Stars Dance Team’s Annual Spring Show is perfect for us.  Each year, I let my little dancing princess choose an extra special outfit and we gear up for the big night of dancing.  She gets so excited to see all of the performances. 

There are a variety of dances put on by each grade level within the Cougar Stars, each squad of girls, and some really special performances by the mothers, fathers, and Cougar Men of CRHS.  There are solos, small group dances, and whole team dances.  My daughter loves the music, the lights, and the dancing so much that she is mesmerized the entire length of the show.  She truly believes we are in the presence of celebrities, and we are!  These Cougar Stars have spent the year practicing and growing as dancers, and we get to come and support them and be entertained by them.  

Being a former dance team member in my high school days at Mayde Creek High School, I also thoroughly enjoy watching the Stars perform.  It is a mix of admiration for how far dance has come and nostalgia for some of the best days of my life.  It is sheer enjoyment for both my daughter and myself.

This year the title is THE SHOW and the Cougar Stars will be performing on both Friday and Saturday nights at the Cinco Ranch High School Performing Arts Center at 7:00 pm both nights.  Tickets are $8 at the door or $7 purchased beforehand from a Cougar Star and they are accepting KISD Gold Cards for Senior Citizens, making their ticket price $5 each.

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