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Just over one year ago, ministry leaders from around the Katy/West Houston area gathered at Grace Fellowship UMC to hear about – and pray for God’s blessing on – a new venture called “The Bible Seminary” (TBS). At that time, the young school had no facilities of its own and only a couple of applicants for the new Master of Divinity program scheduled to begin with the Fall 2012 semester.

Recently, barely 12 months later, over 50 Katy/West Houston pastors and ministry leaders gathered at Grace Fellowship UMC again for the second annual TBS Pastors Prayer Lunch. This time, however, they were joined by some of the new seminary students and had the opportunity to tour TBS facilities, including a state-of-the-art classroom, Library/Conference Room, and seminary offices.

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“The Lord is truly awesome!” notes Dr. K. Lynn Lewis, Executive Vice-President/Provost of the seminary. “Hundreds of people have been praying, believing, giving, working, and responding to God’s call over the last few years to help bring this dream to fruition. We rejoice that we are able to share this growing reality with area ministry leaders, and partner with them to provide Bible-based, Christ-centered theological education and professional ministry training in this community.”

The area leaders, many of whom gather regularly to pray for the Katy-West Houston community – and have been praying for TBS during its formation – enjoyed a lunch of blackened chicken, rice, shrimp etouffee, salad and cake pudding catered by Dina Russell.

During the meal, Dr. Jim Leggett, pastor of Grace Fellowship UMC and TBS President, recounted the history of the development of the seminary, shared about God’s provision for TBS over the last year and how God is using the seminary to impact the lives of its students, their families, congregations, and many others. The group enjoyed a short video highlighting the unique vision and features of the seminary’s Master of Divinity program, and heard from Professor and Chaplain, Paul Helbig, and Dr. Lewis about how they could get involved in and benefit from the seminary.

Members of the group then walked next door and enjoyed touring the TBS facilities, located in the Great Southwest Equestrian Center business complex. They also met some of the staff and students. While standing amidst God’s tangible blessings manifested over the last year, members prayed together in small groups for God’s continued favor and blessings, for exciting growth, solid Biblical teaching, finances, students, faculty, etc.

For more information, visit TheBibleSeminary.org.


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