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My kids are so happy to be off for the holiday today – with the extra stress of cramming for the upcoming TAKS test at school, today came just in time. The weather is so perfect here in Katy today, warm and toasty, but with a cool breeze blowing through. So we started our three day weekend off right, out in the garden and front yard, adding colorful impatiens to our growing collection of spring beauties. Then we planted the rest of our herbs, adding dill, cilantro, and basil to our “edibles” garden. After some fun in the early morning sun, we started breakfast.

Breakfast on the weekends at our house is always a big deal, since there is time to not only create, but enjoy, a fuller spread than on rushed weekday mornings. As I prepared yet another version of my healthy iced coffee for us, and started flipping low-sugar pancakes, my seven year old daughter GiGi exclaimed, “Mom, this is the best weekend ever!â”

She has been looking forward to this weekend for many reasons (she knows there will be an egg hunt on Sunday), but the simplest reason has already been the most rewarding for her – I promised her iced coffee. She asked for it all week, but I just didn’t think it would be right to send her off to first grade, hopped up on full strength coffee. So I told her to wait until the weekend, and now we’re here, and her craving is satisfied. Her proclamation of the “best weekend” is also tied to the fact that she doesn’t love school right now, so she realized this morning that she’s already having this much fun, and – it isn’t even Saturday yet.

That is what I love about kids, and the way they see life – all it takes sometimes is pancakes and iced coffee to make their day. The best things in life really are free when you’re seven. These are the things that really matter, aren’t they?

The Blanco kids enjoy a special treat on their day off from school - iced coffee.
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