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This Katy couple walks a mile in each other’s shoes

Yesterday, I had a funeral in Austin that I needed to attend.  My husband willingly took a personal day from his office job and stepped into the role of Mr. Mom.  I usually stay at home and manage the children’s activities during the day, but for this occasion, we very much had our roles reversed.

While I was away all day, my husband, Jordan, was wholly responsible for attending the Mommy And Me swim class for our 18 month old, Kate.  Not only did he have to manage swimming with Kate, but our older daughter, Avery (3 ½ years old) was sitting on the bench coloring and watching, so he had to be aware of her as well.  After swim, he changed both he and our daughter in the swim changing rooms and took the girls to Katy Mills Mall for their weekly date with coins, fish, and gumballs.

Next came ballet lessons for Avery, including a change of outfit for her and keeping Kate occupied while Avery was in class. 

And that was all before noon.

After ballet, my husband made lunch, put the kids in bed for nap, cleaned up the house some, was there to greet the girls when they woke up from nap, and cuddling tv time.

When I got home around 4, I was so proud of my whole family.  The girls had really enjoyed their time together, and my husband was in full parenting mode. 

Switching spots really enlightened me and my husband.  At the end of the day, I told him I completely understand why he needs a break when he first gets home.  Although I was not with the children all day, I also did not have any mental down time and really needed about 30 minutes to myself to regroup.  He mimicked my sentiment, saying that he felt the kind of tired I feel at the end of everyday and I was feeling the kind of tired he feels at the end of every day.  His exhaustion was physical and emotional, and mine was mental. 

Trading spots for the day was a wholly successful event.  Walking a mile in each other’s shoes allows me to appreciate so much more what my husband does in a day, and the exact same was true from his end as well.

What about you?  Have you done a job switch recently?  How did it go?  Post a comment below.

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