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Katy, Texas – June 6, 2016
We’re dog gone excited that summer is finally here! As the weather continues to heat up, follow these tips to ensure a healthy and happy summer for your pup.


Keep water fresh. Do leave out water for your pet, but don’t let it sit outside all day as the high heat can cause bacteria to grow. Metal water bowls can heat the water even faster.

Use sunscreen. While you’re slathering sunscreen on yourself, don’t forget about your pup! Dogs with light skin and hair are more susceptible to burns. Not all pet-specific sunscreens are good for your dog – find a natural, human-safe sunscreen without zinc oxide.

Check sidewalks. Burns on pads of dogs’ feet are common in the summertime. Check the heat of the sidewalk with your hand before walks – if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your hound!

Avoid the heat of the day. Make sure to exercise your dog outdoors during the summer, but don’t do it during the hottest part of the day to keep you both safe.

Lookout for signs of heatstroke. Excessive panting, staring, anxious facial expressions, vomiting, collapsing and unresponsiveness could indicate heatstroke. If you notice these symptoms, immediately wrap your dog with cool, water-soaked towels and take them to the vet.

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