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The importance of keeping good learning habits for you Katy kids during school’s  “off-season”

Studies show that kids lose knowledge over the summer.  Kindergarteners, for instance, generally slide backward about two reading levels from June to August.  So, for a student who is already struggling scholastically, summer can be quite a set back.    With more time and fewer commitments, learning can be a great component to a successful summer.  Our children will be far ahead of the game if we continue to foster learning during the summer break.

As a young girl, I don’t remember ever uttering the phrase, “I’m bored.”  I believe this is due to the fact that I wasn’t bored.  My mother was very good at keeping her children productive.  Every summer we purchased workbooks that covered the material we would be learning the following school year. My sisters and I knew that each day, we were required to complete a given number of pages in our workbooks, read, and help with chores around the home.  Extra-curricular activities to help us discover and develop our talents were also an integral part of our summer schedule.  Our summer learning prepared us for the rigors of the following school year, and, because we were prepared, we enjoyed school. 

Now that I have a houseful of children of my own, I have tried to carry on the tradition of summer learning.  It is fun to guide the learning of my children during the summer months and it keeps them busy and happy.  Prior to school dismissal, I make a summer schedule that we can use as a guide. For several hours each morning, we learn together. In addition to writing, reading and math, we enjoy going on field trips to local museums, frequenting the library, exercising together and cooking.  Our summer learning moments are some of the best memories I have!

How do you foster learning in your home?  Please share a comment.

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