A Katy family makes a beach scene to compliment dinner

My four year old daughter and I decided to make May special and to count down the days until school is out.  I wanted to keep it healthy, low-cost, and low-stress, since the end of the year has enough stress of its own.

We decided to do a healthy(ish) dessert each week that somehow makes us think of summertime.  Last week, we made beach scenes.  We used graham cracker crumbs, low-fat vanilla pudding, and marshmallows to create the beach.

In each clear cup, we lined the bottom with graham crackers to look like sand.  We had to make sure to put enough of the graham cracker crumbs along the bottom, because once the pudding is poured in, they can get hidden from the side of the cup if there aren’t enough. 

Next, we stirred blue food coloring in to the vanilla pudding to create the water.  We used a box mix of French Vanilla pudding and stirred the blue food coloring into the milk before whisking it together.  Apparently French Vanilla pudding is mostly yellow, because our ocean turned out more green than not.  Next time, we’ll see if we can find a better canvas to prepare our ocean with, but it worked fine to make an over-all impression of ocean water.  We poured the pudding in to the clear cups and let it set in the refrigerator.

After the pudding set in the cups, we added marshmallows to the top.  These were meant to look like the crest of the wave, but they also added a fun texture to the dessert.

It was a fun, quick way for us to build excitement over the possibilities that summer holds.  And, as an added bonus for health-minded Momma, it was a relatively healthy dessert that we could all enjoy!


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