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The Results of a Katyite’s water-only experiment

Last week, I posted a blog about my one big temptation: sugary drinks.  Whether it is Kool-Aid, Coke, or sweet tea, I just love to drink anything with lots of sugar and lots of calories.

For years, this has been my primary health weakness, but in the last several months, my love for sugary drinks has gotten a little out of hand. 

And so a week ago, I decided to try a little experiment.  I cut out all drinks except one coffee in the morning (I couldn’t let go of sugar AND caffeine in one week!), and committed to drinking water only for the past week.  The hope was that after a week of healthful drinking, I’d be a transformed individual; I would see the err of my healthless drinking and desire only water from here on out.

The experiment didn’t turn out quite that way.   On day one, I took in the right amount of water.  And all week long, I stuck to my guns and didn’t drink sugary beverages.  But, starting on day two, I also didn’t drink much water.  I had promised myself at the beginning of the week that I would be mindful to drink enough water each day, but the idea of a glassful of water just never became appealing.  Instead of drinking sugary beverages, I was supposed to be drinking water.  But instead, rather than drinking sugary beverages, I drank nothing.  (I did drink some water, but not nearly the 8-8 ounce glasses that are recommended.)

Towards days 4 and 5, I ended up with familiar symptoms of dehydration and realized I’d have to step up the ‘forcing myself to drink water’ front.  I did, but water never became appealing and I never really stopped wanting to drink something else.

So, in the end, I’m not sure that my experiment proved what I was hoping it would prove.  I know I need more water.  I know it is healthy for me.  I haven’t yet convinced my taste buds of this fact, though.

Do you have any advice regarding staying hydrated?  Post a comment below!

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