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‘May the force be with you’ Katy parents

In the past six months, not a day has gone by that I haven’t uttered the words, “Star Wars.” I am sure that there are several Katy moms with the same situation: 6-year-old son completely immersed in the Star Wars galaxy of light sabers, rebels, Imperial troops, and the force.

When my son was in kindergarten, he started to ask me questions like, “What is Star Wars?” and “Who is Darth Vader?” My dismissive response was, “Oh, it’s a movie that was popular when I was a kid.” Of course, I knew he was getting information from the kids at school, and my son does not rest until he can put the pieces together. At the end of the school year, I decided that I don’t want to keep explaining the story anymore because I was sure I was getting some of the details wrong, especially since I was messed up by the original trilogy/new prequel backwards storyline.

We began watching Star Wars in order – The Phantom Menace first. Yes, I know…lovely choice for a 6-year-old (and a 4-year-old daughter who has to do everything her big brother does). I watched the whole thing with them, fast forwarding through the scary parts. My kids did not even know that Darth Maul and Qui-Gon had a duel of fates because I did not want to contend with the nightmares that would ensure after watching the red guy with stripes on his face slice Obi Wan with his double light saber. Podracing with Anakin was the best part of the movie. My kids were sucked in by the force – they begged to watch the next one.

So, we watched Attack of the Clones where the conspiracy becomes imminent. The entire family was jumping in our seats at the end of the movie when Master Yoda took off his robe and engaged Dooku in a light saber duel. The Revenge of the Sith was the most scary as the dark side of the force wins through order 66. Anakin becomes Darth Vader as declared by Palpatine, and Padmae gives birth to Luke and Leia before she dies. Finally, after watching I, II, and III, the original trilogy (IV, V, and VI) makes sense. After many afternoons of watching Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, a little bit at a time, my kids immediately said, “Can we start over?!”

Since that time, I have bought Star Wars shirts, Legos, books, light sabers, and figures. My kids con my parents into taking them to Toys R Us to buy more figures! I have downloaded Star Wars music on iTunes. I bought their Halloween costumes in July – Darth Vader and Princess Leia. I raided Katy Budget Books one day with this request: “Please show me where you keep all the Star Wars books.” We found every one of them that day. I’ve enjoyed my kids’ enthusiasm for these movies. The former English teacher in me approves of the archetypal characters and themes as well as the allusions to mythology and the Bible. I also believe that the filmmaking and storytelling are genius. Just like the other obsessions (i.e., Elmo, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Transformers), I know this one will end sometime. In the meantime, I like watching my kids be kids.

Katy moms and dads: What are your kids into these days? Do you have little Storm Troopers in your home? Are you a 1, 2, or 3+ light saber family?

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