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Should this type of test be required for our Katy kids?

Annual standardized testing throughout the United States is common and to some degree a necessity; however,  it could be debated that in many states including Texas it is an unnecesary necessity.
The structure of the students annual agenda is based around not only the semester exams but the standardized tests. The Texas ASSESMENT of Knowledge and Skills  or TAKS for short requires five weeks out of every school year for students to prepare, which includes the pre-TAKS and TAKS itself. That five weeks,while miniscule to many, is an actual necessity to many students.
In a state such as Texas where grade point average and class rank could essentially reward a student full scholorships to top schools (University of Texas, Rice University, Baylor University ect.) the time spent in preparation for the final exam and weekly class tests are of the greatest priority.The stress of a test that is not required for colleges outside of the state and many in-state colleges as well but for graduation can be seen as absurd.
The TAKS test is an exit level exam as a student enters their junior year, but not an exam that is required for college acceptance. The idea of having a student study five weeks out of the year and 15 weeks out of their entire high school career for a test that has no  merit is unnecessary.To hold a student responsible for not passing a test that has no merit is a legitamit argument for change or expulsion of this test.
I am aware of the need to test a students knowledge of basic skills ; however, in my opinion a student that has passed their semester and final exams has shown they are fully capable of presenting their basic learned skills of reading, writing, and arithmatic. The Texas School Board of Education has spent, in the last five years, over two million dollars on an exam that test ther students  bare minimum  knowledge and abilities,yet many Texas cities are without refirbished roadways and sidewalks.
I truly believe in our educational syste and it’s overall interest for it’s students; however, some things need to be eliminated for the greater good of the student. If a student fails that exam by one point, they do not graduate and that is not an apropriate measure of a students ability to adapt, learn and succeed. What do you think of the TAKS test and what is the appropriate measure of a students knowledge?
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