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Katy, TX (October 25, 2016) If you ever had the pleasure of knowing Stan Stanley, one of the first questions he asked was, “How can I help you?” He genuinely looked for ways to help others by offering advice, assistance, or just an encouraging word. Stan mentored hundreds of students, teachers, and boy scouts throughout the years and made sure each of them knew how unique and important they were. After an undiagnosed heart condition claimed his life earlier this year, thousands of people showed up at his memorial service to celebrate the man who made an enormous impact on Katy and enriched so many people’s lives.


Stan’s love for people was so infectious, many of us wanted to find a way to keep his caring legacy alive. First, Mayor Hughes offered to proclaim Stan Stanley Day as November 3, Stan’s birthday. Then Katy Magazine, the Katy Area Economic Development Council, Stan’s family, Stanley Elementary School, and many others jumped on board too! Stan Stanley’s “How Can I Help You Day” was officially launched and will be a Katy tradition every year on November 3.

So here’s the plan: On November 3, we’re all going out into the community to help someone else. Whether it’s mowing a neighbor’s lawn, helping a homeless person, or volunteering at an animal shelter, the choice is yours! If you need ideas of where you can give back or need help yourself, email us at editor@katymagazine.com. We’re collecting ideas and input for ways to match volunteers with opportunities to serve. We invite you to join us and think of a personal way you can help make Katy a more loving, helpful community; not only on November 3, but everyday.