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Your Katy garden will enjoy this time of year

Humidity can be a good thing, in a small amount.  As April is progressing here in Katy, that small amount is growing!  As a gardener and nature lover, I love it!  The lettuce is already forming small bunches, and I’m salivating at the thought of homegrown salad! My parsley, basil, chives and dill are turning into miniature herb fields, and the okra, peppers and tomatoes are all growing nicely.  The flowers here…don’t get me started!  My gladiolas are about to burst into bloom at any moment, the deep pink impatiens have become weeds, and the geraniums in red, white and pink are brilliant in the front yard.

So, humidity and I get along just fine.  Without the rain, moisture and mist, my garden and flower babies wouldn’t look the same.  Trust me, I’ve lived without it!  The roadsides in town are amazing, lit up with rose and violet colored azaleas, which grow like roses here.  Further out of town, into the countryside (my favorite place!), the wildflowers grow in abundance, like a flag spread over the meadows.

The critters are also coming out, saying hello to a new year, a new season of warmth and growth.  Some are wanted, some are not…like the young cottonmouth we found in our backyard last week!  The birds sound like life to me, with their tweeting, whistles and sometimes, songs.  They are little pests, as in stealing the first fruits from my strawberry plants!  I love them and the perky spirit they bring, though, just the same.

All the babies signify that the winter is through, new birth is here!  Driving home just a couple of days ago, the kids and I saw four little calves romping in the field together, leaping and frolicking while their mothers grazed calmly nearby!  We’ve seen more foals this spring in Texas, in front yards and on neighboring ranches, than we have in a lifetime elsewhere.  Baby ducks, baby chicks – they’re everywhere.  Watching babies never gets old!

New life – that’s what spring means to me, and I appreciate every minute of the season.  Is spring a favorite time of year for you?  Do you have any spring babies to talk about?  We’d love to hear your spring story!

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