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A Trip to the Rodeo Makes for a Memorable Day

Going on an outing as a family can be so fulfilling, and establish fond memories for your children for years to come.  We took a fun day trip with our kids over Spring Break, to the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show.  It was like a springtime mini-vacation, as we got out of the house for a day, and drove the half hour to the Houston event.

At the Rodeo, we experienced the carnival, animal displays and petting zoos.  We got to feed baby goats, hug chickens, and watch a new baby chick hatch right in front of our eyes.  We got to plant sunflower seeds (which are now happily sprouting here in our home garden.) and hold squiggling worms, and even accidently stepped in pig poop.  We saw brand new pink baby pigs scramble to get food from mama pig.  We got to watch new, gangly-legged black lambs nudge each other to get up and romp.  Hugging the neck of a real-live llama was fun, then giggling as a chicken and a baby goat both climbed up on its back, plopping down for a nap.

It was a stimulating day, and as we loved on the overly-loved animals in the petting zoo, our stomachs started rumbling.  It didn’t help that the scents of barbeque, tacos, hamburgers, pizza, and other awesome fair food were in the air.  We had sausage on a stick, nachos, corndogs, and brisket.  Yummy, so, so fun to get unhealthy for a day.

Jovanni was on a winning streak at the carnival’s game booths, bringing home assorted stuffed critters and cheap plastic toys.  He scaled the climbing wall quickly, then repelled down again, all grins.  The girls rode the pink elephants, their hair blowing wild around their smiling faces.  Sophi started out strong on the jungle gym, but eventually had to be carried, petrified, by the nice ticket man across the rope-held bridge.  Too much fun.

Exhausted, we happily collapsed later that night in our own beds back home.  Time well spent on memories and experiences.

Did you visit the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show this year? What funny or interesting things did you experience?

The petting zoo was a favorite spot.
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