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Katy Mom enjoys seeing her children having fun

I love the different kinds of sports that Katy offers for our children. There are so many choices that our children can pick from that they even want to do all of them. My son has selected t-ball and this is his first year in the sport. He has become a real pro at it. He anxiously awaits for his practices that he even tells me not to forget. I find this very amusing because he stares at his schedule and even the calendar just to make sure we don’t miss it. When we went to select his items for t-ball he was very excited that he wanted every item in the store.
Our first day of practice was real fun. He learned how to put on a baseball glove, hold the bat, hit the ball, pitch the ball, and even throw the ball to his teammates. I was on the bench being the cheerleader of the team. I even wanted to go out there and run with them. My camera will be full of pictures of his many special moments with his team to last for a lifetime. The practice went by so fast because of all the fun they were having that my son didn’t even want to go home. He keeps telling me that he is ready for his next sport event. He wants to do soccer next that he keeps telling me to sign him up when they start for next season. So here we go with our next fun sporting event. He was debating about football, flag football, soccer, swimming and even tennis. So many to choose from and so little time to do them.
Have any of your children participated in any of these sports? If they did what sport did they mostly like? Love to hear your comments please post below.
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