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Spartans Out Serving (SOS) is a Seven Lakes High School student volunteer organization founded by parents in 2005. This organization strives to educate, empower, and inspire the student members to volunteer and serve others. The members learn selflessness and community awareness as they make a positive impact in the community. During the past year, over 1,200 members reported 30,500 community service hours. They have volunteered at school, throughout Katy and the Houston area, and across the U.S. and the world. This year, 139 senior SOS members completed the requirements to wear a white community service cord at graduation. The group recently presented $1,000 scholarships to seven student volunteers to use toward their education after high school graduation.

Scholarship recipients include:
•    Kimberley Argarwal
•    Kenzie Buchanan
•    Natalie Chen
•    Rachel Fallin
•    Matthew Williamson
•    Nicole Yost
•    Jane Weber






Pictured are (from left) Natalie Chen, Kimberely Argarwal, sponsor Rebecca Greene, Kenzie Buchanan, Rachel Fallin, Nicole Yost, Matthew Williamson, and Jane Weber.