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August 11, 2010 – Katy, Texas - Those pill bottles can’t always compare with therapies that come in many different forms for seniors, according to Rehab Care, a leading national provider in managing rehabilitation programs in partnership with more than 1,250 hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in 42 states.

The Solana at Cinco Ranch, one of the local facilities who embraces the Rehab Care programs, feels confident it can offer any type of therapy a resident needs:  physical, occupational or speech.  “Additionally, we provide wellness opportunities such as exercise and aquatic classes, educational seminars and age-appropriate functional testing,” said Todd J. Merry, Rehab Care director at The Solana. 

Merry says his goal is the resident’s goal:  restoring confidence and self-reliance whether the issue is balance, clarity of speech or stamina when doing simple exercises or tasks.

Merry says the therapies are given only under a doctor’s prescription, but he can often help obtain that order from the doctor.  “Not only does therapy restore The Solana residents to normal physical function, it helps them to regain the kind of peace of mind that comes with independence.

One of the most popular at The Solana is the aquatic wellness program in the heated salt-water pool, large enough to accommodate a sizeable group at one time.” noted Merry.  He said the pool is a perfect exercise plateau as the body’s natural buoyancy decreases weight-bearing on joints.  “The property of drag maximizes  the resistance of movements…increasing strength without traditional weights or bands used on land,” he said.

Rehab Care particularly likes to conduct its programs at facilities like The Solana because it can provide therapy throughout the home community…from the residents’ apartments for lifestyle functional training, to the pool, or to the wellness center.

 “Family members and other caregivers often participate in therapy sessions to help the residents achieve and maintain full functional status,” said Merry.  “One of the true joys of my work is being able to help a person return to a thriving and active lifestyle.  I recall one resident with multiple fractions who despaired of ever walking again.  Through intensive physical therapy she is now walking normally and is participating in The Solana wellness exercise and water classes.  Her success inspires me to help others!” said Merry.

Check the websites for information about The Solana www.thesolana.com or ReHab Care  www.rehabcare.com or call Todd Merry or Lori Vale at The Solana, 281-395-9600.  Please mention you found this on www.KatyMagazine.com.

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