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“You’ll love this place!”

Fabulous Schools– Most people admit that an excellent school district is what brought them to Katy.  The Katy ISD school district is indeed impressive.   Most of the elementary, junior high, and high schools within Katy ISD are rated exemplary.  There is tremendous parent involvement within the district, and students within Katy ISD become accustomed to a rigorous academic environment.

Extra-Curricular Choices-There is no shortage of choices when it comes to extra-curricular activities in Katy.  Sports offered in Katy include Roller Hockey, Basketball, Bowling, Dodge ball, Fencing, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, and Baseball.  There are also many excellent dance studios, martial arts studios and art, theater and music studios.    

Friendly People-Having moved ten times in the past sixteen years, I must say that Katy ranks at the top of my friendly people cities.  In Katy, Texas, people smile, extend helping hands and make you feel as if you are finally home.

Family-Oriented-Katy is a bedroom community, and due to the strong school system, families move here in droves.  If you refer to the Katy Texas events page on the Katy Magazine website, you will find many family-oriented activities year round.

Strong Economy– Job growth and stability in the housing market are two factors that put Houston, Texas at the top of many national economic forecast lists.  In Katy, the purchase of a home is still a good investment because the economy remains stable. 

Good City Planning-In spite of the amazing growth in population, the Katy City Government is very adept at looking forward and projecting infrastructure needs.   Road expansion, housing development, and school construction remain ahead of the growth.   

Affordable Housing-Compared to any other major metropolitan area, Houston Texas boasts very affordable home prices.  I was amazed at the many choices in builders, location, and style of homes available in Katy.

The list goes on and on.  How glad I am to live in such a beautiful, safe, affordable, and friendly city.  No wonder everyone is so happy in Katy!  What do you like about Katy?  Post a comment below.

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