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Katy, TX News (October 13, 2015) – SabinoCompTech, the family owned and operated computer repair center and IT company located in Katy, will be restructuring to focus on providing IT consulting, support and managed solutions to small and medium sized businesses.  The company has worked with health care offices, financial and consulting firms, and more in the Katy and surrounding areas since their inception and feel that it is right to return to its roots in order to provide the highest level of service. SabinoCompTech’s goal with this transition is to provide enterprise level expertise to businesses who would not normally have access to such level of IT support through customizable subscription based support packages or on a per incident consulting basis.

The SabinoCompTech team is deeply grateful to the Katy residential community for the support they have shown the company over the last 7 years and they vow to continue to give back to the community through sponsorship and volunteer work.

The company will no longer accept residential computers or residential on-site work after October 16, 2015 to allow time for last repairs before the retail location closes.

About SabinoCompTech

SabinoCompTech has combined 25+ years of experience in providing computer repair and IT support. They are a team of individuals dedicated to providing the best support and knowledge in the industry. Their technical, business and customer service talents is what has helped the company be successful thus far and they hope to only increase that by focusing on small to medium business IT support going forward.

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