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Katy, TX (March 4, 2016) In October of 2015, SabinoCompTech made the transition from residential and business IT support to business only. The idea was that the transition would allow them to focus on providing higher quality IT support to businesses in the area. Since then, the family owned company relocated their office from a retail location in old Katy to a centrally located office on Mason Road.

Since the transition, SabinoCompTech has hyper-focused on the Healthcare industry helping medical and oral health care offices with all of their IT needs. After working closely with many offices in the area, they found that there was a large gap between the technical understanding of HIPAA compliance and the use of technology, so to help with that, SabinoCompTech is now extending their consulting services to include HIPAA IT consulting.

HIPAA compliance is no longer something that can be ignored or thought of as a “eventually”. The fines are outrages and a breach can cost more than just the federal fines. SabinoCompTech is on a mission to help healthcare offices be HIPAA compliant especially with more technology being used.

For more information on HIPAA IT Consulting or SabinoCompTech, please visit www.hipaaitconsulting.com or www.SabinoCompTech.com or call them at (281) 392-8802.


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