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This October, Roger Clemens, former Houston Astro,  spoke to Mrs. Poss’ Communication Applications classes at Taylor High School.

The students were doing a project on leadership and a student picked Mr. Clemens as his leader.  The student contacted Mr. Clemens and he graciously agreed to come speak to the student’s class.  Clemens spoke about different leadership roles, how to overcome obstacles, and how to achieve success.

After Clemens spoke he signed autographs and let the students see his “Team of the Decade” championship ring.

The Communication Application’s class teaches students communication skills that allow them to understand the communication process as well as the verbal, nonverbal, and listening skills involved in personal and professional communication.

Having been a Houston Astro, Clemens knows what it takes to be a public figure. He has the knowledge and experience of having to communicate with large groups of people and also knows valuable life skills that have helped him reach fame.

The kids of Mrs. Poss’ classes as well as Taylor High School were glad to welcome the iconic Roger Clemens.

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