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Are you making mistakes sending out resumes?

How can you get your resume to outshine everyone else’s and make it to the top of the potential employer’s pile? Try these tips for finding a professional level job in Katy or West Houston.

Individualize. Never email blast the same resume to several employers at once in the same email. Chances are they’re just going to hit the delete button.

Customize. Send your resume to each job personally and customize the objective line, subject line of the email, and introductory email/letter to fit the job you’re applying for. It may take five minutes of your time, but in the end, employers will be more likely to consider you.

Use buzzwords. Use power keywords in your resume that match the items in the job description. (But only if you have experience in these areas.)

Be email savvy. Create an email account with your name through Gmail or Yahoo and check it frequently. Never send your resume from an email address such as hotchic77@aol.com or tatoodude12@sbcglobal.net. Sorry, but aol and hotmail accounts are not very impressive to employers.

Use proper grammar in all communications – even the body of the email. You would be surprised how many young applicants write in text type or slang. Employers want you to represent their company well.

Choose a great subject line. Sending a resume without one shows a lack of attention to detail and makes it hard for the employers to notice it at all. The best subject line has the title of the position and your name. Customer Service Manager Applicant Alice Brown.

Follow up. It’s okay to send a follow up email to check on the status of the position or see if your resume was received. It shows enthusiasm for the job and most employers like that.  Only do this if you did not get response.

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