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How one Katy mom discovers the simple joys

March 22, 2010 –Katy, TX — Rays of sunlight gracefully shimmered through the kitchen window as our family sat eating our breakfast.  It was Spring Break and we were all excited for the week that lay ahead. How were we going to spend our time?  What did we want to do first?  I listened as each child shared ideas for the coming days.

As we cleared the breakfast dishes, we decided to first start with a family bike ride through the beautiful nature preserve adjacent to our subdivision.  Since the winter had been unusually cold, it had been some time since we had ventured on a bike excursion.  Racing to the garage, we commenced untangling handle bars and bike pedals in order to give each bike a quick tune-up.  As we had suspected, several bikes needed air in the tires and all of the bikes needed a good washing.

My two youngest boys offered their brawn as they gleefully “fixed” the bikes with the tire pump.  I located some old rags and a bucket and we washed the winter dust from the metal frames.  The children chattered happily as they proudly prepped their bikes for our family bike ride. 

By the time we had fully prepared for our adventure, it was close to lunch time.  I hurriedly ran into the kitchen to pack a lunch to take with us so that our empty stomachs wouldn’t rush us.  Lunch prepared, tires pumped, water bottles affixed, and helmets on, we were ready to set off.

I led the pack as we mounted our bikes and started on our journey.  We rounded the bend in our street and started on the bike trail.  I inhaled the clean air and smiled as I glanced back at my children. Flocks of birds flew overhead and we listened to their melodious strains. I peered at the majestic oak trees that served as a canopy over the road and was overwhelmed by the calm of the afternoon.  Critters dashed from tree to tree, and cautiously watched as our family passed. A gentle breeze swept through the trees and my hair danced in the wind as we raced onward.

We soon found the perfect spot for our picnic.  We propped our bicycles up against some trees and gathered together to talk and share lunch.  Spreading a blanket on the ground, we divided the sandwiches, chips, grapes, cookies and drinks.  We had all worked up an appetite, so the food seemed to taste particularly good.  The children were happy, there wasn’t a hint of contention, and we were truly enjoying our time together. 

That evening, several of my children remarked that it had been one of the best days they had ever had.  I thought about the money we had spent on eating out, family vacations and fun toys.  I was amazed that our casual day of biking had been one of their favorite activities.  I suppose some the simplest family outings prove to be the most meaningful!  What are some of your family’s favorite activities?   Post a comment below.

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