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With the new school year comes new classes, books, teachers, and a new program in Katy schools – recycling. Starting with the new school year, Katy ISD will implement a single stream recycling program, allowing recycling of plastics, glass, and metals at each of its campuses and administrative facilities.

The program was piloted at seven locations from January to June of this year, diverting more than 55 tons of materials from the landfill. The district hopes to build on this beginning with increased education and awareness as they move to include all campuses. “We want to set the example for our kids,” explains Kathy McDonald, executive director of maintenance and operation. “We want to demonstrate the importance of being good stewards, as well as the financial benefits of recycling.”

Katy ISD schools have practiced recycling for more than 14 years using AbiBow Recycling’s Paper Retriever program. The addition of a program for recycling other materials, however, is expected to increase revenue in schools and reduce the district’s operational costs. Each school will collect plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, and other materials used within the school.

One major goal of the project is to reduce the amount Katy ISD spends on tipping fees and the charge for having waste collected and disposed. The district has set a goal of reducing waste headed for the landfill by 30%, potentially saving the district nearly $100,000. “The success of a recycling program depends on educating everyone involved about what can and cannot be recycled,” says Scott LaMarr, director of operations for the district. “Another factor is everyone making a conscious decision to place their trash in the proper receptacle.”

For more information about Katy ISD’s recycling program, contact recycling coordinator Shanna Taylor at shannataylor@katyisd.org or 281-802-0331.

Katy ISD is a TEA Recognized district serving more than 62,000 students. Covering 181 square miles west of downtown Houston, Katy ISD is comprised of 53 campuses. With more than 7,600 employees, it is one of the largest employers in the West Houston area.