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Katy, TX – November 9, 2016 The holiday season is upon us, which means parties and presents and endless festivities. The change in schedule can unfortunately mean an increase in stress, for you and your pets. Here are five simple ways to help keep your pet stress-free during the holidays.


Stick to your routine. A predictable routine is important for your dog. Try to ensure specific things – meals, walks, playtime – occur at more or less the same time each day.

Get some exercise. Make a point of providing some type of exercise for your dog every day. Dogs who are not getting enough exercise can become restless, irritable, hyperactive and anxious.

Challenge your pet’s brain. Engage your dog with a food puzzle or other interactive toy.

Give your pet some TLC. Lack of attention can cause your dog to feel stressed out, which can lead to bad behavior. Make time for your pet, such as snuggling together or playing with their favorite toy.

Enlist a helping hand. Visitors can help you train and provide entertainment for your pet, but if you need more help, bring your dog to Camp for a fun day of play. They’ll come home tired and ready to relax.


Courtesy of Camp Bow Wow Katy
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