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Katy Offers a Variety of  Fun Family Activities

By Gabbi Browne

Katy, TX News – With June just about over, and the heat of July gearing up, my family needed a quieter Saturday. We decided not to travel to Houston-area places, as we sometimes do, but to stay closer to home. As most of you reading this know, Katy offers more than enough family activities to fill a weekend. Here’s what we did one morning.

  1. Had breakfast at Torchy’s Tacos in La Centerra. We had only heard good things about this Austin eatery and now we know why. The boys enjoyed eating on the patio near the lake. We then fed the friendly ducks some bread that we had brought with us. How many rocks did we climb to burn off some energy? We lost count.
  2.  We usually try to hit one of the local libraries every few weeks. On this particular day, the Maud Smith Marks Branch was having a book sale. We told the boys that we could all find and buy two books each. Challenge accepted and met! Library book sales usually offer more of a selection than your usual bookstore, and are a lot cheaper.
  3.  The heat of the day was catching up to us. We stopped for about an hour at the splash pad off of Westgreen–so close to the library. To keep it convenient, we usually travel with the boys’ trunks and a tube of sunscreen. Living in Texas, you never know when the need for a cool-down will happen! After toweling off, we headed to one of our favorite dessert spots.
  4.  Ritter’s Frozen Custard also serves hot dogs and Frito pies. I promise we ate our veggies at dinner. Their drive-thru is convenient, but on this particular day, we enjoyed eating outside at their retro tables.

It was time to head home after lunch, and we were able to keep the boys awake until we got there. Naps came quickly after all that fun. Katy is the place to play together as a family for sure.

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