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Local Artist Cindy Jo Levine creates one-of-a-kind murals to transform your home

Local artist, Cindy Jo Levine, has turned a long-time hobby into a thriving new business.  With a minor in Art, Cindy began painting murals for family and friends while she raised a family and taught school.  After years of hearing “You should start your own business” from family and friends, Cindy founded Purple Beaver Creations.  The name of her business speaks of her passion to give her clients what they desire. If you want a beaver to be purple instead of brown, it is possible when Cindy Jo holds the paint brush.

Cindy has transformed bedrooms into the Hundred Acre Woods with Winnie the Pooh and friends, dining rooms into a terrace with a view of a quiet green pasture and deep blue river and when walls aren’t enough, she turns furniture into magical pieces of art.

One of Cindy’s recent projects was painting a mural over a bathtub, “She spent time discussing with me everything that I wanted. As she was painting she frequently asked if I was happy with the colors or if there was anything additional I wanted in the painting. She truly made sure it was the picture I wanted and not just her creation. She came up with a very creative way of framing out the picture. Since it was a landscape scene she painted a window around it so that it looks like you are looking outside.”

Cindy Jo lives in Katy, Texas with her husband of twenty four years and her three beautiful children. For additional information or to contact Purple Beaver Creations, log onto:  CindyJoLevine.com or email Cindy@CindyJoLevine.com.