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Making eating out in Katy an event

This weekend, we had the opportunity to double date and go on a progressive dinner.  The premise was that we would go out and enjoy appetizer, main course, and dessert at three different Katy restaurants, thereby making an entire evening out of eating dinner.

We have never done a progressive dinner before, and neither had our friends.  But, being good sports, they agreed to give it a go.

We began at Perry’s Steakhouse in the bar section.  We enjoyed drinks and an appetizer at a leisurely pace.  Perry’s is a favorite of ours, but the price tag keeps us from being able to do dinner there most of the time.  Having drinks and appetizers was a fun way to get the experience and the fabulous food without such a high bill.

Once we had enjoyed the last of our drinks, we moved on to Three Olives for our main course.  My husband and I split the Pollo Verde and loved it.  We had never been to Three Olives before and loved the atmosphere, the décor, and the food. 

Our last stop was Hasta La Pasta for dessert.  Chocolate cake and cappuccinos rounded out our evening beautifully.  We sipped our drinks and enjoyed listening to the live music as well.

At the end of the evening, we discussed as a group what we thought of progressive dinners.  We all admitted that we had some concerns going in to the evening.  We wondered if it would be awkward to only order one course at each stop, or if it would seem annoying to have to get up and move before our next course each time.  However, after experiencing the night, we decided that it is a perfect, albeit slightly expensive, night out on the town. 

Since we chose to sit at the bar for appetizers, it did not feel awkward at all to order only drinks and starters.  And by the time we were ordering our last course, it was late enough that it seemed very natural to order coffee and dessert only. 

The transitions from location to location did not seem annoying or needless at all.  In fact, knowing that we had no time restraints and that the entire evening was dedicated to perusing Katy restaurants made for a laid back, refreshing vibe throughout the evening.  Switching restaurants helped us not feel like we’d only been sitting and waiting on food for four hours.  It added to the anticipation and enjoyment of our food as well.

It was a perfect night out to unwind, relax, and spend time with some precious friends.   I highly recommend trying the concept out.  Bring along some friends for a double date and get the added bonus of fellowship and conversation!

Have you ever done a progressive dinner?  Post a comment below!  If not, give it a try the next time you are able and let me know what you thought!

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