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 Trying a Katy Progressive Dinner on a less-expensive scale

We love the idea of a progressive dinner, whereby we travel to three different restaurants throughout the course of our meal.  Appetizer and drinks, main dish, and dessert are all eaten at different venues, making the night last a bit longer and allowing for some variety within the meal.

Our first progressive dinner date, we did on a bigger scale, budget-wise.  Then, we ate appetizers at Perry’s Steakhouse, dinner at Three Olives, and dessert at Hasta la Pasta.  While it was wonderful, we were curious: can we do it again, this time being more budget-conscience?

We decided to make the entire event hassle free by choosing a location that has it all: La Centerra.  We were able to enjoy three courses at three different locations, all on foot.

We started our meal with appetizers at Baker Street Pub.  Keeping the goal of staying on a low budget, we opted for Mission Burrito for our main course, and finished up at The Yogurt Spot (just a short walk from La Centerra). 

There are so many options at La Centerra for all three courses that we could easily go back and do another dinner date with an entirely different set of restaurants.  In fact, as we were walking from meal to meal, we were planning out our next progressive evening.

The meal, in its entirety, took up 5 hours, provided us with wonderful food, and rang in at well under $50.   Progressive dinners on a budget… success!

The common thread for our progressive dinner dates so far is that we make them double dates.  Having another couple along makes the evening of sitting, waiting, and eating such a joy.  We loved the way the night had lulls in activity that allowed for deeper conversation, and changing venues kept things fresh and entertaining. 

All in all, progressive dinner dates have been enjoyable, relaxed, and wholly successful for my husband and I.  We’ve added it to our list of favorite date ideas!

How about you?  Have you tried progressive dining?  Post a comment below!

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