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Getting outside in Katy this spring has been easy, due to the gorgeous weather and lack of offensive insects. As the grass and trees are turning green and coming alive again, the instinctual internal urge in some of us to get out and get dirty has taken over. Both Juan and I are nature lovers, and I guess the kids inherited our love (or adapted to it.) They are outside everyday now, leaving the long, dark days of winter behind them.

Riding their bicycles, catching frogs, blowing bubbles, playing with sidewalk chalk, and helping us garden are the activities of the day now. The hillbillies that my kids are, bare feet and comfortable is the dress code. I’m soaking it up. My fondest childhood memories are wrapped around similar activities with my parents at the farm in Illinois. We caught frogs, too, and ran wild in the green grass, dug in the dirt with my gardening mama, and re-entered a warmer world every spring, just free to be.

So this weekend, when I rallied the family lawn crew to help cut, trim, sweep, and plant, the kids squealed in delight and argued over who got to do what. We were all out there, our man Daddy pushing the mower and manning the trimmer. Jovanni was master yard cleanup foreman, and the girls just giggled and swept. Even Sophi had fun helping.

It is fun to see last year’s bulbs reappear as fresh new spears of potential color. The new flowers are settling in, and their blooms are vibrant pinks, purples, and oranges as they have begun liking their new home. The grass is thick and beautiful, and the new avocado and lime trees are sprouting new growth and even blooming. The hyacinth is the queen beauty, showing off her big, tropical pink-orange blooms.

Between the kids and the plants, I guess you could say we’re all one big, growing family.

What are you and your family doing outside in Katy this spring? We would love to hear your ideas on fun and rewarding outside family activities.

Rallying the family to help out with lawn chores is a great way to enjoy springtime weather.
Signs of spring are popping up all over Katy!
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