Inexpensive fun at this Katy family’s favorite hang-out

Today I took my girls to Katy Mills Mall.  Sometimes we head there to shop, and I love those trips.  But today, we just went to be together.

Before we left, we gathered all of our change from around the house and stuck it in one of my daughter’s dress-up purses.  I was curious if it would be enough to keep us busy for the next hour, and I was pleasantly surprised.

We arrived, with no agenda except to walk the mall and spend our coins.  First, we stopped at one of those coin collectors with the funnel.  My girls had so much fun watching the coins pin around and around.  I was careful to pick out the pennies for this activity.  Total cost for this stop: approximately 50 cents.

Next, we wandered the mall, looking for one of the gumball dispensers.  We found a huge clump of them and my girls circled the glass domes over and over trying to choose which flavor they wanted.  Total cost for this stop: 50 cents.

From there, the girls got very excited when they saw the sign for Bass Pro Shop.  For us, it means one major thing: fish!  We stopped in and stared at the fish for a while, my youngest pointing out each new fish that swam by.  Total cost for this stop: nothing!

We were starting to run low on time, so we had to skip so many of our favorites: the play area by the movie theaters, the photo booths, pointing out animals at Rainforest Café, and the carousel.  We only had time for one more stop, so my girls chose the mini-carousel just past Bass Pro Shop.  It was so much fun that we rode it twice.  Total cost for this stop: $2.00.

On the way out, we stopped at one of the drink machines just outside the entrance and I treated us to a  Lemonade and a Coke.  Total cost for this stop: $3.25.

For an hour’s worth of pure, relaxed, undirected fun, we paid only $6.25.  And since it was all from change laying around our house, it was free for our bank account… even better!

This outing was so much fun that we plan to make it a weekly trip.  What about you?  Do you and your family have a favorite place to go for inexpensive fun?  Post a comment below!

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