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Family-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool in Katy

Feeling the heat already? I know we are these days. Trust me, though, you can leave the comfort of the air conditioning for just a little while and take advantage of the “cooler” side of Katy.

1. Grab a handful of dollar bills and head to Katy Mills Mall. You can ride the carousel and the train, of course, but older kids will enjoy the trampoline jump, rock climbing, and the chance to walk on water while in the human hamster ball. The children’s play zone is also an attraction. For something a little different, each child can select a lunch item from the food court, and then everyone can share potluck-style.

2. While you’re reading this blog here, check out the awesome list of area libraries on KatyMagazine.com. Try to go to each library’s story time or teen activity during the summer. Discuss with your children which book was their favorite to read. Can they find any other books by the same author that they can check out?

3. Splash pads are an easy way to stay cool, but still let you get some fresh air. Cullen Park and Nottingham Park both offer awesome splash adventures. Bring a towel, water to stay hydrated, and your inner child. You know you’ll want to get soaked, too!

4. Katy Budget Books, Odyssey Comics, and the Bookworm Shoppe are all excellent places to pick up summer reading material. Kids need to be encouraged to read for fun, in addition to reading for school. Parents who model reading to their children will have to struggle less with getting their kiddos to happily open a book (or comic).

5. Don’t forget about bowling. I have to admit, I haven’t taken my sons there, yet, but every time I drive past Times Square, I feel the need to put on funny-looking shoes and take a peek inside. They’ll be old enough to really enjoy an awesome indoor game before too long, right?

So, I know I left some fun, local activities out. Please let us know where you and your family go to cool off during the sizzling summer days in Katy.

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