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A Thoughtful Katy Resident Makes a Family’s Day!

We call Lacey our miracle puppy.  Our family has loved this dog since the summer of 2009, and she is officially a member of the Blanco family.  She was a treasure to find and has been a blessing to keep, but those aren’t the real reasons she’s our miracle.

Last month, she was not wearing a collar and nametag, and she did the inevitable.  She ran out while one of us was putting out the trash, and none of us noticed.  We didn’t notice the rest of the night that she was gone, either.  We didn’t even notice the next morning (a Saturday) until Daddy asked us where she was.  After calling for her and whistling (which usually brings her bounding to us within a few seconds) we began to realize with horror that she was gone.  I began to panic as I realized the reality of the situation.  It had been a hard freeze the night before, and I hadn’t even noticed my puppy was gone!  Because she was not wearing a tag, if someone did find her, they couldn’t call!

I was in tears by the time my son Jovanni and I were driving the neighborhood in the mini-van.  I was an emotional mess, due to my sadness, panic, and tremendous guilt that I hadn’t even noticed she was missing the night before.  After a few moments of trying to console me, my mature son straightened up in the passenger seat and declared, “OK, Mom, you can cry.  I’m gonna pray that God helps us find her.”

That’s exactly what he did.  He prayed a heartfelt, passionate prayer in full belief that God would honor his request.  Then he told me, “Mom, let’s go back home, I feel like she’s close to our house.”  I kept quiet, but obediently turned the van around, all while mentally picturing my Yorkie, dead, in one of the neighborhood bayous.

Jovanni and his sister Isabella took off on their bikes, stopping and knocking on every door close to our house, while I made a “wanted” poster with my puppy’s picture on it.  I began to tape it up to the street poles, stop signs, and mail boxes in our neighborhood.  Three cul-de-sacs down from our house, as I was taping up a sign, I heard a shrill bark form the garage of the house right in front of me.  Could that be Lacey?  No, I must be imagining it!  I called out, and whistled.  Now she really started making noise!

That kind lady had put Lacey up for the frozen night in her garage, but now willingly gave her back to me.  I took my shaken puppy home, and yelled for Jovanni and Isabella to come see.  The prodigal puppy was found, and as we tousled and played with our baby again, I gazed with pride on my son.  He looked at me, grinning, and now I cried healthy tears in appreciation for a son who acted in faith.

Moments like these bring a fresh appreciation to us for the privilege of living here in Katy.  Our neighbors are the best, and even though I don’t know that lady’s name, I thank her for being that thoughtful to protect our puppy from the freeze.  It’s good to live in a Katy neighborhood!

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