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 Katy, Texas – July 3, 2013 – The Nottingham Country Swim Team recently honored Les and Pam Roberson for their 23-year involvement with Nottingham Country Swim Team (NCST). 

Roberson FamilyPam and Les Roberson

In their honor, the group instituted a panicle award that will be given to future swimmers for outstanding achievement and excellence in swimming. Les and Pam Roberson have four grown children, each who swam consecutively from start to finish: 12 yrs., 13 yrs., 13 yrs., and 12 yrs. In addition, Pam and Les have spent their wedding anniversary at the Meet of Champs for the last 20 yrs. They were honored for their consistent service to both the local swim team and the Meet of Champs.

The Roberson Award will be given annually to a swimmer who demonstrates exceptional dedication, determination, commitment, and sportsmanship throughout the season, who has the support for their fellow teammates and the desire to become the best swimmer they can be. The Roberson Award is Nottingham Country Swim Team’s (NCST) panicle award for excellence.

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