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What lessons have your Katy kids taught you? 

This morning, I raced around the house knowing that the day was full.    I peered at the clock and noticed that I had five minutes to eat breakfast before I had to rush to the car and set off.  I hurriedly poured a bowl of cereal and did what I tell my children not to do.  I began to eat, standing up in the kitchen, and tried to quickly devour my Cheerios.  Just as I took my first bite, my youngest child ran up to me and began to explain what was on his mind.  In animated speech, he flung his arms up and, while doing so, hit my cereal bowl.  Cereal and milk covered my face, hair and clothes.  I was absolutely drenched with my breakfast!   In exasperation, I let out a shriek of shock and frustration. 

Now I was really pressed for time!  I raced to the laundry room, took my milk-covered clothes off and ran to the bathroom to wash off my face and hair.  I knew I would definitely be late and I felt frustrated!  As much as I had tried to start off the morning right, my morning had not gone as planned.  I shook my head as I thought of the craziness of motherhood.   Suddenly, I caught sight of myself in the mirror.  I looked horrible.  Little, wet Cheerios were nestled in my hair.  At once I realized how busy I had let my life become.  I knew that, as a mother, it was important to leave wiggle room in my schedule for the unexpected.  Maybe the Cheerios incident was a reminder that I needed to slow down.    

Drying off my wet hair, I selected my second outfit of the day and sprinted to the kitchen to grab my purse and keys.  In the kitchen I noticed my son, who had drenched me with cereal, sitting at the table crying.  I knew it had been an accident, yet, since I was in such a hurry, I had reacted with anger.  So, in spite of my already being late, I decided I needed to tend to hurt feelings before moving forward with my day.  I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Braden, it isn’t your fault.  I shouldn’t have been standing up while I was eating.  But, I learned a good lesson!  Next time, I will sit down when I eat and I won’t rush around like a wild woman.  I love you!”

What lessons have your children taught you?  Please share a comment.

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