Katy Mothers Helping Mothers

April 14, 2010 – Katy, Texas – This week, while waiting in the airport to board my plane, I noticed a mother approach the ticket counter with a young toddler and an infant in her arms.  She struggled to carry her belongings, and her two children through the throngs of people gathered to board.  Floods of memories came to my mind as I remembered myself in the very same situation.  I remembered the looks and smiles of those around me.  I remembered I yearned for an additional arm.  As I watched the mother carefully move to the boarding ramp, I remembered the numerous kind women who offered assistance when I needed it most.

On this trip, I was traveling by myself, but, I could recall many other trips with my babies and toddlers that had been quite stressful. On one particular occasion, a sweet middle-aged woman shared a row with me.  As I juggled cheerios, bottles, and Sippy cups, she was an angel.  She helped me the entire flight and turned a very difficult time into a manageable, happy time.  When I had asked her if I could do something to repay her kindness, she simply smiled, winked and said, “It is the Mother Code.  You will give back to other mothers.   You’ll see!”  And, that was that.

It was finally my time to board, and as luck would have it, I entered the plane, located my seat, and discovered I would be sitting next to this mother and her children.  She smiled wearily at me and said, “I’m sorry you have to sit by us today.  You probably won’t have a very quiet flight!” 

I smiled at her and responded, “It is a treat for me to sit next to you!  I would be happy to hold your baby so you can play with your other little one.” 

A look of relief spread across her face and she said, “Oh, that is so nice of you, could you?  I have been very worried about this flight.

I was thrilled!  Within moments, I was holding a precious little baby.  I held the baby for most of the flight as Theresa entertained her 18 month old daughter.  As the plane began to descend for landing, Theresa said, “You made my day!  What can I do to repay you?”  I simply smiled and said, “It is the Mother Code.  It’s just what we do!”

Have you known any angel mothers?  Post a comment below.

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